Decorations at Roselawn cemetery

The family of a baby boy who died shortly after birth is angry at what they're calling a desecration.

They say crews at the cemetery, where he's buried, threw out decorations around his grave.

They say it happened without warning and they want to know why.

“I was very upset and angry,” said Alix Flores.

In 2012, Flores had a baby boy named Talon. He lived for three hours and three minutes.

The infant is buried at Roselawn Memorial Garden in Saginaw Township.

Flores says for last six years a flag bearing her late son’s name was at his gravesite.

That is until last week when workers at the cemetery removed decorations and placed them in a pile.

“To just take that off and throw it on the ground or in a dumpster, you can’t do that,” Flores said.

Flores says she had no warning her decorations would be removed.

Same goes for Katie Becker. Her son Zachery passed away in 2014. Now, like Flores, her stuff is gone.

“There’s no reason why communication couldn’t have been sent out,” Becker said. “I would’ve been here the day I saw it because it’s stuff I’ve saved over the years. You know he’s been here for four years.”

TV5 reached out to the owner of Roselawn Memorial Gardens for comment.

He said he would only answer questions through email.

The owner responded:

“We conduct our bi-annual cemetery clean up in preparation for the change in season and to create a safe and clean environment for all who visit Roselawn Memorial Gardens. We understand and appreciate that this is an emotional subject and work very hard to respect the feelings of all the families we are entrusted to care for. We regret that some families do not agree with our policies or believe that we conduct our general maintenance program with malice intent. Nothing could be further from the truth. We take very seriously our responsibility to care for the cemetery and all those who are memorialized within. It is because of this responsibility that these policies exist. Our dedicated team of caretakers work daily to ensure the needs of our families are met and have been trained on proper flag disposal and clean up procedures. We are actively investigating the allegations made through comments on our Facebook page and will take necessary corrective action where needed. The time frame for which clean ups are held are posted in the cemetery and a copy of the cemetery’s decorations policy is available to all families in our office or online at”

But for Becker and Flores, they say the damage is already done. At the very least they want an apology from the cemetery.

"It's just not right," Becker said. "It's very disrespectful."

“That was very personal to me,” Flores said. “His name and his birthday is on there and now it’s gone.”

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