IMAGE: Birthday cards

Sometimes you've got to search pretty hard to find the right birthday card.

But for 4-year-old Ryker Meyette from Bay City, he'll take whatever you can find.

Ryker was diagnosed with leukemia on Monday, just two weeks before his Fifth birthday on August 27.

With his condition, his parents couldn't throw him the party they wanted. That's when a close family friend stepped in.

"I thought, ‘You know if we could get him birthday cards and he could go home to have stacks of birthday cards,’” said Elizabeth Gradowski. “One it would give him something to do by opening them all, but it would just brighten his day!"

Elizabeth has known Ryker’s family for years.

So TV5’s Jonathan Jackson met up with her to help find some birthday cards and our search led us to this Staples in Saginaw.

When they walked into Staples and asked if we could have some birthday cards to send to Ryker, they responded in a big way."

"We wanted to do whatever we could to help and make his birthday a special day,” said Tim Schlink district manager at Staples. “So, we're going to create a banner for him for his birthday and some of my team are putting that together right now, so it'll be fun!"

Tim said he couldn't turn down the thought of giving this little boy the birthday he deserves.

Not only offered to send birthday cards and a banner, but also a backpack filled with school supplies.

And for Elizabeth, what started as a simple search to deliver some birthday cards, has turned into a community effort to help one of their own.

"He's having a lot of different side effects, but he is still smiling,” Elizabeth said. “[He’s] still making everyone laugh, and still typical Ryker."

You can send Ryker a card to: 

Ryker Meyette

1613 Broadway St

Bay City Mi 48708

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