Bring baby Alysia home

A Mid-Michigan family has reached its financial goal after asking for your help to bring home a baby girl.

Jon and Amber Herron, of Saginaw, have already adopted four children into their family.

An adoption agency that assisted with placing one of the children in their home contacted them, asking if they would adopt that child's biological sister.

"All day that day I kept getting a phone call from a number that I didn't recognize," Amber said. "Unexpectedly, one of our children's birth mothers had given birth the day prior and has asked if we would consider adopting the baby that she had just given birth to."

The Herrons were contacted on Sept. 16 and had until midnight on Oct. 3 to raise the full amount and bring baby Alysia home.

They started a GoFundMe account and raised more than $15,600.

Click here to see the gofundme page

"Crazy circumstance that never happens. So we've had nine months condensed into two weeks," Jon said.

Jon is the founding pastor at Life Church. He said once they decided to adopt baby Alysia, the price tag popped into mind.

"We were not looking to adopt. We don't have the money to adopt. And some people would say we're crazy," Jon said.

The family said there was no way they could turn the request down.

Aside from the GoFundMe, Jon also did a Facebook Live telethon.

"I said, 'listen. I have a little bit of a following on social media. Let's try to leverage it. Let's have a fundraiser. Let's have a telethon," Jon said.

Even with all of this "craziness," the Herrons said they wouldn't have it any other way.

"Adoption is such a tremendous gift of love. It knits hearts together and brings families together," Jon said.

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