Stan Dulaney

A Mid-Michigan family is still coming to grips with the sudden death of their loved one.

Stan Dulaney was killed earlier this week when his vehicle collided head-on with a white pickup truck on M-20.

“He was in your corner, he was gonna go to bat for you, to war for you, fight for you, until his dying breath,” said Drew Dulaney.

That dying breath came heartbreakingly too soon for Drew’s father, Stan Dulaney.

“This is the last thing we ever expected,” Drew said. “He’s the type of guy who would come out of a battlefield with a couple of scratches,” Drew said.

Stan died in a head-on crash on M-20 in Midland on New Year’s Day.

Investigators say a pickup driven by Gary Gatza crossed the centerline and that alcohol played a role in the collision.

Drew said three other family members were inside the vehicle at the time and his younger brother remains hospitalized.

Stan was the only one who didn’t make it out alive.

“It shook me to my core because he was a pillar of my life,” Drew said.

Stan’s loss is felt in the community after owning the Tri-City Sports complex in Auburn for several years.

Drew has a hard time reflecting on the future that could have been.

“I always had a joke that one day I’m gonna be able to put you in a home and I’m gonna be able to see you retire because you work so damn hard,” Drew said. “Sorry, so hard. Now I don’t get to put him in a home, I also don’t get to see him live a comfortable life with his family.”

Drew has a message for the man who took Stan away.

“I hope you understand that you took something from so many people,” Drew said. “I really hope that you don’t get a semblance of peace. I hope you go to bed and wake up every day knowing what you’ve done to us and I can promise you that justice will be served.”

Gatza appeared for arraignment in front of Judge Michael Carpenter in the 75th District Court in Midland County with his attorney Stephen Durance. He entered a not guilty plea on all four charges that were made against him.

A probable cause conference is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 1 p.m.

Drew said his family is in need of support with medical bills and funeral expenses.

Anyone who would like to donate to the family can click here.

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