Family seeks return of stolen laptop that stored special memories


A local family is desperately searching for a laptop that was stolen during a recent string of vehicle break-ins.

The laptop was stolen from a car in Flint this week, but it's what is on the laptop that the family wants back.

The computer was stolen Wednesday night on Franklin Street in Flint and it's not the computer the owner wants back it's the memories.

"They are priceless, they are irreplaceable," said Walter Kristof, owner of the laptop.

Videos become even more precious when the person in them has passed away.

Kristof said the video is of his late wife Dawn and his young daughter Elizabeth before his wife became terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.

When Dawn found out she only had a few months to live she started making videos for her daughter so she could remember her. Those videos were stored on Kristof's laptop that was stolen out of his truck.

"That's when it hit me that on that computer was videos from my wife who passed away in November. She made them for my daughter who is 4-years-old," Kristof said.

He said he isn't sure how the thieves got into his car because he thought he locked it. He said he never thought to have those videos backed up.

"I then panicked. Since then we have been checking local pawn shops, made a police reports, checking Craigslist, all these websites that sell stuff like that," Kristof said.

So far he has had no luck. The computer was a silver Lenovo Ultrabook. Kristof said he had a pass code on it and doesn't think anyone would be able to use it.

He said he just wants the videos back and is begging for it to be returned, no questions asked. He is even offering a reward.

"You can drop it off on the porch. You could in the middle of the night. You could have a friend bring it and you can claim the $1,000 reward," Kristof said.

Friends, family and strangers have been donating reward money to hopefully help get at least the hard drive back. Otherwise, Elizabeth will never see those videos of her mother.

An anonymous person has even offered to donate a laptop if the alleged thief agrees to return Kristof's.

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