Jack and Della Chantaca's gravestone with incorrect information

A local family is still searching for action after the wrong information was put on their father’s gravestone.

For weeks TV5 has been following the issues plaguing Eastlawn Memorial Gardens in Saginaw County.

Flooding at the cemetery is now being addressed but one family is still living with several errors set in stone.

“It’s just way too much money that they’re asking for out of pocket of my mother that already paid so much,” said Juan Chantaca.

Not one red cent, that’s how much more Chantaca is willing to pay for a mistake he says Eastlawn Memorial Garden made.

Last month, TV5 told you about his family’s gravestone. In all nearly, $8,000 was spent for his parents’ memorial.

He said the year his dad died is wrong. His father passed away in 2010, not 2016.

His mother Della, who is still alive, has her name spelled incorrectly. It should read Della, not Delia.

After TV5’s story aired in December, he heard from officials at the cemetery. But their answer was not what he wanted to hear.

“Leave the base there and take the memorial part off and it would cost $3,200,” Chantaca said. “And they wanted us to pay the $1,600.”

Chantaca said he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“It’s pretty sad situation that we have to go through,” Chantaca said.

We still haven’t heard from the corporate offices that own Eastlawn Memorial Gardens and other family members said that says a lot about the company.

“They’re running,” said Larry Rodarte, Della Chantaca’s nephew. “They’re scared probably because they don’t want to put up any more money to appease their clients that are not satisfied with their work.”

Rodarte wants to know if Park Law Corporation, the owners of Eastlawn, would act differently if it was one of their family members.

“A marker that had the misspelling of a name or year or just anything wrong on the markers, how would they feel,” Rodarte said.

Meanwhile, Chantaca is reaching to state lawmakers and considering legal action to get his issues with Eastlawn solved.

“Hopefully they can take care of this situation and we can let my mom be at peace before she passes away,” Chantaca said.

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