Consumers Energy and Flint leaders gathered Thursday morning to unveil fast chargers for electric cars in the Vehicle City.

The fast chargers are in the Downtown Flat Lot, located at 125 E. Kearsley St., and can power an electric vehicle battery in less than an hour, according to Consumers Energy.

“Flint, long known as Vehicle City, helped lead the way as Michigan became the hub of America’s auto industry, and now it’s leading the way as our state manufactures and rides on clean, emissions-free vehicles,” said Roger Curtis, Consumers Energy’s vice president for public affairs. “Consumers Energy is thrilled to help the City of Flint put fast chargers in place that will power cars for people who drive downtown.”

Consumers Energy has provided more than 900 rebates for home, business, and public charging stations with the PowerMIDrive initiative. That includes 28 fast-charging locations like the one in downtown Flint.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley, Congressman Dan Kildee, and leaders of the Flint Downtown Development Authority and the Flint & Genesee Chamber were at the unveiling.

“Flint has been at the forefront of the automotive industry since the beginning of its infrastructure,” Neeley said. “The installation of the electric vehicle charging stations is an investment in Flint’s future, and we’re excited to move Flint forward.”

The energy company has plans for 200 fast-charging locations and more than 2,000 chargers at homes and businesses across Michigan over the next three years.

“This really has been a milestone year for electric vehicles in Michigan and across the country,” Curtis said. “Consumers Energy is proud to make EV ownership practical and convenient by building the network of fast charging, whether you’re at home, on the road or making downtown Flint your next travel destination.”

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I prefer the convenience of petrol. But my preferences aside, they should put fast chargers in highway rest areas. If every rest area had 4-6 chargers that could provide 100+ miles range in 60 minutes, that would greatly increase their convenience and appeal to those who have a long commute to work or family/holiday gatherings.

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