The former United Auto Workers President accused of conspiring with others to use union money on lavish trips and golf was charged earlier this week.

One federal investigator says there needs to be changes within the union's leadership.

"What we’re seeing in this case and in a couple others are the union leadership is taking the money that is designed for workers and they’re spending it on thousand dollar bottle of booze, golf, and lavish lifestyles and lavish meals steak dinners,” United State Attorney Matthew Schneider said.

A 15th person charged is now charged in the UAW corruption investigation.

Schneider says former UAW President Dennis Williams is charged with stealing from union membership.

"While all the time these workers are working so hard and they don’t get any of that,” Schneider said. “It’s being stolen from them. So, it’s really despicable to think that somebody would do that and take money that you could use to help better the system as a union worker and the money is being stolen away from you."

Williams was the UAW president from 2014 until 2018. The 67-year-old was charged with conspiring with former UAW President Gary Jones and others to embezzle UAW dues money between 2010 and September 2019.

Prosecutors allege that he lived a lavish lifestyle. Which include having a million-dollar Northern Michigan lake house built by the union.

"We need serious genuine true reform for the UAW,” Schneider said. “If we’re going to end the culture of corruption in the leadership, we have to have very significant reforms and some of that could involve governmental oversight."

Schneider says he wants the union to run itself, but he needs to see changes, like in how the way presidents are chosen.

While 15 people have already been charged in this case but Schneider says it’s possible that more charges could be made.

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Older Lady

So what's new. Union Leaders have been skimming for years.

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