Frustration is cemented in the minds of many in mid-Michigan as a neighborhood may soon pave the way for a cement factory and landscaping yard to set up shop.

"This is going to be detrimental to our neighborhood," said Jaci Ettinger, a nearby resident.

The proposed factory and landscaping yard, built by Picasso Services Landscaping, would go up on Grant Street in Fenton, on a cleared-out site that's awaiting a special permit so construction can begin.

"I came here because I wanted a nice, quiet, peaceful, residence. And until recently, I’ve had that,” said Don Sopko, a nearby resident.

The land here is zoned for light industrial work, which doesn't include the processing of raw materials to be shipped out in bulk. That's why Picasso Services would need a special permit approved.

Approval has hit a roadblock after residents expressed concerns, and it was tabled by the Fenton Planning Commission at its last meeting on Sept. 23rd.

Residents fear too much noise, air pollution and heavy traffic on nearby roads.

"When you crush or grind concrete, it releases silica dust into the air. Which can stay in the air for 12 days at a time and travel a half mile from its release point. It's not to be breathed in. It creates all sorts of health problems,” Ettinger said.

One of those potential problems floating to the top of many minds.

"We are on a well. That's where our water comes from, we're not on city water. So, we're very concerned about what the runoff from a concrete crushing facility could do to our groundwater,” said Terri McMahon, a nearby resident.

McMahon has lived in this neighborhood for 27 years, but she's now saying that idea isn't set in stone. If the plant moves in, she may move out.

"I don't know that it's someplace that I want to age in, if this is something that I’m going to have to listen to and deal with every day,” McMahon said.

Picasso Services Landscaping did not immediately respond to TV5’s request for an interview.

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