Filmmaker captures the paranormal in 'Haunted Saginaw' series

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Saginaw County has a rich history and some believe there are spirits in the area.

One filmmaker has devoted an entire series to the area's paranormal activity.

"And it was the freakiest thing ever. I had to just kind of gather myself," said Celeste Midcalf, resident.

She and her husband Mike bought what they thought would be their dream retirement home in Hemlock, but the two said they quickly began to notice strange things happening in the house.

"Little things were happening where I would brush it off as sort of my imagination," Celeste said.

Mike said it started off as small things, like a knock on the wall.

"It would gradually increase ya know, with the TV coming on and going off by itself. The volume would go up and down on the TV. You'd have a light go on in a room," he said.

They are claims that would make the average person run out of the house screaming, but to paranormal investigator Steven Shippy - it was the perfect location for his next documentary.

"There's a lot of things happening here and as you can see with the family ... it's affecting them in a lot of ways. It's affected their son. It's affected their granddaughter. And that's what we're here for, to try and document this and maybe shed some light on why it's happening," Shippy said.

Shippy has spent the last eight years directing paranormal documentaries throughout Saginaw County as part of his "Haunted Saginaw" series.

Last year he premiered his "A Haunting on Dice Road" documentary. Now he finds himself just down the street for a second installment at another home going through similar unexplained phenomenon.

"A Haunting on Dice Road 2" is set to premiere next month at the Temple Theatre.

Shippy said the whole process took months. They covered the entire 5,000 square foot home from top to bottom.

"You know it's important to us because it's our area. Ya know, and we want to shed as much light on these stories as possible," Shippy said.

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