Disaster was avoided thanks to the quick work of employees at the Art Van in Kochville Township.

Kochville Township Fire Chief Alan Malesky said the initial investigation of a fire at a local Art Van was started by a magnifying glass set piece.

An employee at the furniture store, located on Tittabawassee Road, smelled smoke and discovered part of front store display room items were on fire.

Employees acted quickly and poured water over the display items on fire. The display was small and the fire did not spread.

Chief Malesky said he suspects the fire started from a magnifying glass, which was part of a display in the store.

He said the bright sunshine aligned perfectly with the magnifying glass through the display window, causing the decorative items to catch fire.

Fire crews then worked to ventilate the store and said the store will be in service tomorrow.

Malesky said the employee did a great job of taking quick action.

"The employee did a real good job recognizing it quickly, put water on it, got the display outside," Malesky said. "Another police officer arrived on scene and used a fire extinguisher on the rest of the fire."

There were no injuries reported during the incident.

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