Multiple fire departments responded to a fire in Port Austin on Monday.

Huron County Central Dispatch received a report of a structure fire in a restaurant. The fire ended up damaging two restaurants.

"It was just devastating to see and not being able to do anything," said Abby Kasper, employee of the Port Austin Dime Store.

Kasper said she can't remember a time when the Stock Pot and the Landing weren't in her community.

The buildings, which stood right next to each other, have been closed down due to the fire.

"I always recommended it for families to go and get a nice home cooked meal," Kasper said.

Residents of Port Austin said the Stock Pot and the Landing were both very popular tourist attractions, especially during the summer.

"I came up just about everyday at 3 p.m. and it was fun," said Tom Shepherd, resident.

"That place was always packed. This place was always packed. I don't know, not much left," said Ron Majesky, resident.

Kasper said this isn't the first time the community has dealt with something like this.

She and several other residents said another fire struck the opposite side of the street about 15 years ago. That fire destroyed a sandwich shop and pizzeria.

"I came into work today and like I could smell the smoke. And it's just man, 15 years ago we were smelling that same exact residue of what was left behind," Kasper said.

However, this time she hopes they will have time to rebuild as the summer season gets underway.

"Hopefully. I'm hoping they do rebuild it. It'll be nice to see, but it's devastating. It's gonna have a huge impact on Port Austin this summer," Kasper said.

Six fire departments responded to the scene, Central Dispatch said.

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