MSP Motorcade - Tpr White Funeral

Michael White was a devoted service leader whose kind nature positively influenced those around him.

That is the legacy the retired Michigan State Police trooper leaves behind as friends and family say their final goodbyes to White.

He was a beloved member of the community who died from health complications last weekend.

“It’s a humbling situation. Let me just take my hat off just in regards to him. You know, it makes me think about him being young at 62,” said Kelvin Byrd, Isabella County resident.

Byrd took a moment to remember a giant in the Mt. Pleasant community.

While Byrd didn’t attend the funeral service, he paid his respects to a man he said made quite the impression on him when they first met in 2015.

“He was a good example. He was a good professional. And he represented what good law enforcement needs to be,” Byrd said.

Heather Schlorff attended the funeral.

“It’s a celebration. It’s a celebration of an amazing man who is gone, won’t be forgotten,” Schlorff said.

She was a teacher for four years at Winn Elementary School in Shepherd. She said White would visit with her students all the time.

Schlorff said White was one of the best people she has ever met.

“He spoke at my grandpa’s funeral. He was amazing. Just his sense of community and bringing people together. You just don’t find that these days. And you can see by a full auditorium he was just an amazing man,” Schlorff said.

First responders from about a dozen agencies came to pay respect to one of their own. White spent 28 years with the Michigan State Police. He was also a chaplain for CMU’s football team.

As his casket emerged from the funeral service, it was draped with a state of Michigan flag.

Byrd called it a fitting tribute for someone who exemplified what the Great Lakes State is all about.

“If anyone wants to dig into an example of a good law enforcement officer, White would be a very good example,” Byrd said.

White is survived by his wife, two children and four grandchildren.

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