Fishing creates lasting friendship for two local men


A beautiful thing about fishing is that it can help create lasting friendships from people that just happen to meet.

“That’s the biggest one. My personal best this year,” said Fred Colosky.

That’s 27 inches and more than 6 lbs of pure Saginaw walleye to top Colosky’s record.

But he’s giving most of the credit to his fishing buddy Rick Tanney.

“If it wasn’t for this guy I wouldn’t have him,” Colosky said.

The two have been attached at the hip, or fishing pole, since they met last week at a walleye tournament on the Saginaw River.

With walleye season coming to a close they’ve got to get as much fishing in as possible.

“I’m going to fish right up until the season ends,” Colosky said. “Actually, when I leave here I’m heading back down there to fish for more.”

With all that fishing between the two of them, they burn through bait pretty quick.

But it’s no problem because their minnow supplier Woody Wilson has them covered.

“I go out of my way to make sure that they’re as healthy as I can possibly supply and that means keeping the water clean,” Wilson said. “I actually feed them and filter the water so that they have their best chance of surviving in a bucket.”

Wilson opened live bait last October and it’s been the hot spot for minnows ever since.

Live bait’s motto is that their minnows catch walleye or die trying. Tanney and Colosky totally agree.

“Best bait in town, it’s as simple as that,” Tanney said. “They catch walleye or die trying.”

But Wilson said while he loves hearing these fishing stories and big catches, it’s the tragic ones that have him most concerned.

He said no fish is worth a life.

“Don’t let that walleye fever take over your god given common sense because if you don’t feel it’s the right thing to do than you shouldn’t,” Wilson said.

He recommends doing exactly what Colosky and Tanney did, find a friend and never fish alone.

Plus you need a witness to your fishing tails anyways.

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