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People in Flint want to see accountability, but many are skeptical and wonder what will happen next.

"We were patient and when everything was tossed out, we just assumed that he was going to get away with it," said activist Melissa Mays.

Mays said she’s not holding her breath on justice just yet even in light of the Associated Press reporting new charges are coming from the state attorney general's office. 

Sources are telling the AP that former Gov. Rick Snyder, his health director Nick Lyon and other ex-officials are being told they’re going be charged with their alleged role in the Flint Water Crisis.

“A part of me got my hopes up right away because I’m human and that people are going to be held accountable for their actions, but then I realize we live in Flint and every time that we think will get justice it’s just little pieces,” she said.

Mays has been fighting for her city since the crisis began in 2014.

That's when state appointed emergency management switched the Flint water supply from the Detroit water system to the much more corrosive Flint River water

"Your actions and inactions led to this and I feel like we’ve been in prison for coming up on seven years, 2454 days,” Mays said. “So, I think they should get a taste of it."

Snyder's and Lyon's attorneys are both calling the potential charges meritless.

The water switch is blamed for lead poisoning and for an outbreak of legionnaires, which is linked to 12 deaths in Genesee County.

We have reached out to Attorney General Dana Nesel but her office has yet to confirm these reports.

"A message needs to go out that you can’t poison people, whether they’re poor or black or brown or uneducated or whatever they want to call us, and get away with it," Mays said.

A decision from the U.S. District Judge working on the $641-million settlement for residents should have a decision if it will move forward in the next couple of weeks.

These new charges are rumored to be announced as early as Thursday.

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