Flint documentary makes Vehicle City debut

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An award-winning documentary about the Flint water crisis made its Vehicle City debut Tuesday night.

The documentary premiered earlier this year and has since played at some of the biggest film festivals around the world.

"The process started about 18 months ago when we started filming," said Brian Schulz, director of "Flint."

Schulz said there's been a lot of negative news reported about the Flint water crisis. His goal was to profile the positive that's come out of the situation.

"A lot of people don't really know about Flint. Or they only hear certain things about Flint. And after the film they're just so enlightened. They didn't know it was such an enlightened and artistic community. And there's just so much going on in Flint. The film is just a small portion of what's going on," he said.

Flint residents Valorie Horton and Leon El-Alamin are profiled in the short documentary. They are pleased with how the film turned out.

"It's an excellent film short. It looks at our three lives of people doing some positive things, not to say we're the only ones, but it's an idea of what's going on in Flint," Horton said.

"We know the water crisis has been going on a little more than three years now. We always see the negative side of Flint, but Flint has a lot of positive things going on and I think if they come out and see they'll want to come out and be involved in the positive things," El-Alamin said.

The film's producer hopes the documentary will spur politicians and government officials to make things better for Flint residents.

Schulz feels the same way.

"No one should have undrinkable water. And hopefully this film is a way to start that conversation," Schulz said.

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