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To this day, the Flint community is still dealing with the effects of the water crisis. But some say the potential charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder and others brings them closer to achieving justice for Flint. 

“You look at this whole community physically, mentally, emotionally has been changed forever because of Governor Snyder and others,” said Karen Weaver, former Flint mayor.

And now, according to the Associated Press, former Gov. Rick Snyder along with other former officials... Are being told they will face charges for their roles in the Flint Water Crisis.

Weaver, who won election after the scope of the crisis became known, says it's about time.

“We’ve been asking for this and begging for this and fighting for accountability because we know what happened in Flint was criminal,” Weaver said. “That’s all we’ve ever said is this is a crime.”

A crime she says, is equivalent to manslaughter and even murder, after the city's water was switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint River in 2014 under the Snyder Administration.

The switch sent more highly corrosive water through the system, causing lead to leach out of the lines and contaminate water coming from the tap. Around 100,000 residents drank that water.

A statement released by Snyder and his legal team accuses the official of special counsel for needing a scapegoat and wasting time and money on “A fruitless investigation.” It says, rather than following the evidence to find the truth it appears to be targeting Snyder for a political escapade.

“People have lost their lives, lives have been damaged lives have been changed forever in the city of Flint and we’re still waiting to see the total impact of what was done at his hands,” she said.

Current Mayor Sheldon Neeley says the city that he was born and raised in deserves justice.

“We want to make sure that everyone who’s responsible for any ill acts on this community be held to the fullest merit of law,” Neeley said.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley issued the following statement Tuesday:

“These are the first steps in the final process to securing justice for our community. I commend Attorney General Dana Nessel and her team for their commitment to finding the truth and fully investigating all possible criminal activity. Our community has been through a tragedy it never should have faced, but Flint is strong, and we will continue moving forward.”

Weaver issued the following statement:

"I've heard it was coming. I've heard it was coming, but you want to wait until you actually see it happening. And I finally took in that deep breath and I thought this is such a great day for the people of Flint. You know, we've been asking for this and begging for this and fighting for accountability because we know what happened in Flint was criminal. That's all we've ever said is this is a crime. And people need to be held accountable. And for it to finally happen, it lets you know that your work and your voice and everything you did wasn't in vain," Weaver said.

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