Kameryn Lowe

If you go hunting for unicorns, you’ll find a magical brown one. If you check its cover, it’s coauthored by a little girl from Flint.

At 8-years-old, not too many children can lay claim to being a published author. But Flint native Kameryn Lowe is no ordinary child. Her mother, also a children’s book author, now has competition right at the kitchen table.

“It’s very, very exciting. I’m so proud of her. I couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Ren Lowe, Kameryn’s mother.

Kameryn, who now lives in Georgia, and her mom are bursting with pride over Kameryn’s new children’s book “My Magical Brown Unicorn.”

“Everything about this book comes from Kameryn’s imagination. From the title of the book, right down to the characters. So it’s exciting to see,” Lowe said.

Kameryn and her mother wanted a book to bring representation and inclusiveness to children of color.

“I feel happy that I get to be a published author at 8 because maybe other children can read the book and they can imagine they’re going on other adventures,” Kameryn said.

“And it is about a little girl named Kam who has an imaginary brown unicorn who looks just like her. They have curly hair and they go on these amazing adventures,” Lowe said.

Kameryn said it’s never too early for children to discover they have a mind of their own. She has found using hers makes mom really smile.

“It feels really, really exciting,” Kameryn said.

Lowe also authored several other books for children.

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