Flint officer receives outpour of gratitude while grocery shopping

Flint Police Department

The Flint Police Department shared a heartwarming story on its Facebook page about how one officer’s trip to the grocery store turned into a friendly reminder of all his hard work.

The story comes from officer Ron Summers’s wife who went shopping with him at Meijer after he finished a 12-hour shift.

Ron was still in uniform which helped some grocery shoppers recognize him.

The first was a young boy who approached him, saying he wanted to be a police officer someday.

Ron took the time to tell the boy about his job and shook his hand.

When the couple went down a different aisle, two men said hello to Ron.

As the two men were talking to each other, Mrs. Summers heard one of them say “remember, that’s the nice one that came to our house”.

Mrs. Summers turned to the two and thanked them for what they said.

The two men then shared more about how Ron was nice and fair to them.

Ron and his wife had reached the check-out when one woman made her way to talk with him.

The woman kept thanking Ron for not giving up on her. She said the talk that they shared when Ron was taking her to jail made a huge difference in her life.

Mrs. Summers said Ron believed in her and saw something in her when she couldn't believe in herself.

The woman said she is doing well now that she is no longer using drugs and has her kids back.

As she shared more about how Ron made a difference in her life, she began to tear up.

Ron smiled on and said she is welcomed.

The two hugged the woman and as the woman walked away from them, she told her friend "he saved my life".

Ron has been with the police department for 24 years.

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