Flint Water

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The charges brought on Jan. 14 in the Flint water crisis are not good enough for residents.

"I'm still not satisfied," said Gina Luster, Flint resident.

Luster’s 12-year-old daughter Kennedy was severely impacted by the lead in the water. Her baby teeth crumbled, her bones ache, and she still gets rashes.

"My daughter is old enough to know that that's not enough. She said, is that all we're going to get?” Luster said.

While Luster is glad to see some government officials held accountable, she wishes it went even further and can't wait for sentencing.

"The community is not only shocked, we're very upset. Because this flint case, it sets a precedent for the world and all other elected officials who we elect to represent us and have our best interests in mind," Luster said.

As for former Gov. Rick Snyder, Luster has little sympathy.

"How can the mob boss walk away with misdemeanors, but his cronies all get felonies? I just need someone to make that make sense to me," Luster said.

Luster wants years from Snyder for the years she feels he hurt her family.

"I'm still speechless about the charges that Snyder, who was the boss, who started all of this, seems to walk away with misdemeanors," Luster said.

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