Image: Abandoned water in Flint

Dozens of cases of unused water are going to waste in an abandoned building located in Flint.

After a couple stumbled across the empty building located on W. Pearson Rd., they took pictures and a video, which has now gone viral.

"I was outraged, I really was. We needed that water," Kira Sutkay, the resident that discovered the water, said. "Flint water distribution places have stopped and to see that amount of water just sitting there for many years its really sad."

Kira Sutkay, Jimmy Cowell, and Jason Underhill call themselves 'Urban Explorers' and exploring is what led them to the water, according to Sutkay. 

"It's like a slap in the face literally," Cowell said. "I feel like someone needs to be held responsible, its someone's hard earned money that donated to the city of Flint and we didn't get the help."

Residents in Flint are angry because some of them are still living off bottled water, and they have little to waste.

“We should know where every gallon of water is that comes to the city,” Darnell Ishmel, a Flint resident, said.

Darnell Ishmel and Nadine Roberts are concerned residents of Flint who stopped by the abandoned building, to see things for themselves.

“Whatever the situation is it’s unacceptable,” Roberts said. “Just this past weekend, people were giving out water over the weekend from 3 to 7 and a lot of seniors were there and by the time they got there we were all out of water.”

TV5 did some digging, and according to the Assessing Department in the City of Flint, the building is registered to a pastor.

Attempting to reach out to the pastor, TV5 spoke with his daughter instead. She said that her father lent the building to a man named Mark with a non-profit who was supposed to hold a water drive but never did.

“So, my dad allowed him to use the building to hold the water. He was supposed to have the drive, he kept saying okay we are going to have it this weekend, but he never came back to do the water,” the daughter said.

She said that they were planning an event to give the water away, saying that it could still be used for gardens and pets. But that giveaway has since been canceled.

Candice Mushatt with the City of Flint offered the following statement in regards to a possible giveaway of the water: 

The water is not safe for consumption and there is a concern about it possibly being exposed to contaminants.  That water has been sitting for years, we know that plastic goes through different cycles when exposed to different temperatures for long amounts of time. It all boils down to the safety of the residents. 

Ishmel said that the stagnante water is an issue but overall, he wishes the property was maintained better.

“But this isn’t safe, people coming here and doing things damaging the property. I won’t even go back here it’s not safe,” Ishmel said.

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