State appeals order to make Flint water deliveries


Water quality in the city of Flint is slowly improving, but residents are still being urged to use filters and bottled water.

Not only is the supply of bottled water dwindling, but those who need it most may not be the ones receiving it.

It's not just individuals taking advantage of the crucial resource, businesses may also be turning the bottled water for a profit.

"It's a problem all over. You know everybody has got to hustle and you know we try to help out and give it to the people and what they do sometimes they do," said Ronald Robinson, with First Trinity Church.

Robinson hands out free bottled water three days a week in Flint and even though police said some residents and stores are using donated water to turn a profit, Robinson said he won't stop trying to help those in need of clean drinking water.

"You can't stop doing it because we are blessed to be able to get it to do it, but it hurts. It hurts everybody and it makes the city look bad," Robinson said.

Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson said there's nothing illegal about selling the water, but he said that doesn't make it right.

"If you are one of the individuals out there that's actually receiving that water for free and then taking it and selling it to other residents, or selling it to the stores, we're going to ask you to stop doing that please," Johnson said.

Johnson has a warning for those making money off of free water, just because there's no law today doesn't mean there won't be a law against it tomorrow.

"Once we get word back from the prosecutor's office and we can figure out just how to move forward with this, then we will be going after the ones who are actually selling the water that they got for free," Johnson said.

As for Robinson, he wants people to do what's right and help keep free bottled water in the hands of those who really need it.

"Hopefully they can curtail it. Watch the stores, watch the people who are coming in. You just got to keep an eye on things," Robinson said.

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