After a surge of violence across the country in the summer, Flint is now at 67 total homicides for the year. That is seven more than 2020.

Where city leaders are condemning the violence and coming up with strategies to combat it. Some city leader hope to see better results in the new year.

"Because this has gone on year after year after year, crime. One murder is too many," said Flint Councilman Quincy Murphy.

The city of Flint recorded 67 homicides this year, a nearly 12 percent increase from last year, according to a citywide crime profile.

Third Ward Councilman Murphy believes people need places to go in the city.

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop, and we don't have enough to do in the city of Flint, and we need to be making sure that we have something to do 24 hours a day for you," Murphy said.

He also wants to look at where the police department needs help and boost those areas. Council President Eric Mays looks to improve the department too.

"You know we have to supply the equipment and or the adequate personnel for the city of Flint police department and I look forward to trying to tackle those issues with the new council," Mays said.

Mays said the system is overwhelmed.

"We have an enormous amount of complaints backlogged in the detective bureau. And I wanna see that backlog sorted through, people picked up, and warrants issued," Mays said.

Both council members were unsure how much success the department's mini stations and helicopter really had in decreasing crime. Murphy said he doesn't know if he would have supported the chopper if he was on the council when it was approved.

"I'm not sure, as a councilman, when do it fly? You know, what do it do? So, I'm not gonna say that this councilman is really impressed on a helicopter," Murphy said.

The city also saw an increase in arson and stolen vehicle parts.

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