A teacher in Florida was fired after giving middle school students a controversial assignment.

The assignment was called “How Comfortable Am I?” There were 41 questions putting what some parents believed were controversial situations.

"Specifically the question that was on the post about the gays in a bar...I think that you're asking kids to try to understand a situation that they may not be fully understanding of,” a parent said.

Other questions involved racial and religious issues, such as “What if you moved to a predominantly black neighborhood?”

"Why are they subjecting children to this?" a mother asked.

She has a child in 7th grade and realizes these social issues are today's reality.

"They have social media; you figure they learn everything nowadays anyways. So, but yeah, I don't think it's something that needs to be, you know, brought in schools. School is here to learn."

Some parents prefer they be the first to discuss how their children would feel if they saw their brother kissing another boy for instance.

"I just think that sometimes kids are too young to start that at that age and in school. It's something that should be at home."

Not everyone was unhappy, though.

"It's weird talking about things like that with your kid,” Rick Hunter said.

Hunter’s daughter saw the form from a friend. He said it makes parenting a little easier.

"I think the school could do it a lot better than we could. Be a lot more comfortable than we would anyway,” he said.

School officials said the teacher was absent the assignment was given -- but she did leave it for the substitute teacher to hand out.

According to the school district, she has since been fired.

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