Flushable wipes clogging sewers nationwide


The people who keep our sewers flowing say if you have flushable wipes, keep them out of the toilet!

The wipes are clogging systems nationwide because they don't deteriorate the way toilet tissue does.

It's generally a problem in bigger cities which use pumps and get clogged by the wipes.

Fortunately, Saginaw is not experiencing that issue.

"Most of our system is gravity flow to the plant, whereas a lot of cities have pump stations, and that's where they tend to cause the most trouble is plugging up pumps,” said Brian Baldwin with the Saginaw Wastewater Treatment.

The superintendent of Midland's Wastewater Treatment Plant said the issue has led to increased maintenance there, but not enough to require more help.

Shoron Cooper, Superintendent at the Bay City Waste Water Treatment Plant said the problem is impacting them.

“We see them here at the plant in our tanks, in our screening, in our rakes. We have to do a lot of cleaning.”

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