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Dominique Nunn knows all too well what it’s like to attend college and have to go without.

“There have definitely been times where I would say, mom, can you help me out a little bit,” U of M-Flint alumni Nunn said.

But Nunn didn’t want other students at U of M-Flint to go hungry.

So, she stepped up to establish the Wolverine Food Den.

“Why I was so passionate about making sure I put forth good effort in writing this report was to make sure that we get the money we need on campus,” Nunn explained.

Nunn, along with around 30 other students, helped earn the school a bicentennial grant from U of M in Ann Arbor.

That $11,000 grant, along with a $5,000 contribution from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan made this all possible.

“I’ve been there, I forgot my lunch at times,” said U of M-Flint alumni Zachary Hayes.

Hayes said he was one of the first students at U of M-Flint to see the need for food assistance at the school in 2015.

He said he pushed for this project for years and is proud to see it unveiled.

“Even if you’re a non-traditional student or supporting a family, you would also be able to access this pantry now,” Hayes said.

U of M-Flint Chancellor Susan Borrego adds the additional support that is now available will help students get even farther ahead.

“It’s become a big issue for college students when you’re hungry. And we even knew from elementary age students, it’s hard to study, it’s hard to focus, hard to add that in with everything else you’re trying to do. So, this is really a great opportunity for U of M students,” Borrego explained.

Right now, the food pantry will be open 16 hours a week. It also has more than just food. You can get laundry soap and toiletries.

The shelves are now stocked to the brim and will be available four days a week to all registered students.

“I’m feeling really good. I’m glad that this is up and running. It’s just beautiful. I’m glad to see it come to fruition,” Nunn said.

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