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Tyler Wirth, an 8th grader at Northeast Middle School in Midland, was diagnosed with grade four cancer in his lower spin and can no longer walk.

Bullock Creek Youth Football held a special fundraiser to help support Tyler and his family through these trying times.

When 13-year-old Tyler Wirth began having lower back pains, it was passed off as nothing more than football fatigue.

But several visits to the doctor later revealed something much worse, stage four cancer in his lower spine.

Now he’s fighting just to walk again, but he’s not going at it alone.

“I started the Wishes for Wirth and then we started from there and then my mom made a Facebook page,” said Katelyn Page, Tyler’s classmate and friend.

Page created the hashtag campaign Wishes for Wirth, inspiring her fellow students and others around Midland County to donate up to $10,000 towards Tyler’s recovery.

“I mean it just started coming in, $50s, $100, it just was crazy,” said Amanda Page, Katelyn's mother.

Amanda is the one running this fundraiser at Bullock Creek High School, saying half of the money raised will go towards Tyler's family, who are with him in Cincinnati, Ohio as he receives treatment.

It’s not just Tyler’s friends or family who are supporting him, but his teammates as well.

“We’re dedicating all our stuff to him now, we’re dedicating all of our wins, everything we do we try to do for him,” said Colin Coffey, one of Tyler's teammates.

It’s because of all this support that Tyler’s family is able to stay by his side, something that they’re eternally gratefully for.

“His mom said it just proves now nice, how good the human heart is. People just care and its awesome,” Amanda said.

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