MSU lawyers want Schuette to keep quiet about sexual abuse case

Larry Nassar (Source: CNN)

Michigan State University is facing a lawsuit over allegations that a former gymnastics doctor sexually assaulted more than a dozen women at his on-campus office and the school did little about it.

Dr. Larry Nassar is under the cloud of a sweeping investigation of alleged assaults on members of the U.S. national gymnastics team during his time at MSU.

"I would hate to think something like that could happen to her," said Pat Mertens, grandmother.

Mertens picked up her granddaughter from gymnastics class at Twistars Gymnastics near Lansing. Twistars is where Nassar worked as the team physician.

Nassar is facing life in prison as 15 women came forward accusing him of sexual assault, battery and molestation. The accusations stretch back as far as 1996.

"I think women are afraid to speak up. I think there is a stigma," Mertens said.

Nassar is also a former MSU professor and a physician for the USA gymnastics team.

The attorney representing the alleged victims sent out a press release outlining the allegations against Nassar. One woman claims he started abusing her at 6-years-old.

That alleged abuse happened at Nassar's home in Holt, Michigan between 1998 and 2005.

The majority of the allegations stem from his work at MSU, which is the focus of the lawsuit filed this week.

Gymnasts at the university said even after complaining to university officials multiple times about Nassar, the school did nothing to protect them. Nassar no longer works for the university.

Michigan State alumni Leyland Lindie said he is surprised this could have happened at his school.

"I'm sure there are going to be a lot of angry fathers out there looking for blood, but everyone reaps what they sew," Lindie said.

Attorney General Bill Schuette announced charges against Nassar last week.

TV5 reached out to Nassar and his lawyers, but they could not be reached for comment.

As for Mertens, she said every parent should keep a closer eye on the people around their children.

"It's sad, just sad that girls can't be safe during gymnastics," Mertens said.

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