Adam Collier

A former Saginaw Police Officer is facing three charges in connection with a July incident where a woman was allegedly hit several times while in jail.

On July 11, 2020, a Saginaw Police officer arrested a woman and took her to the Saginaw County Jail, Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says the video of the incident and other evidence is enough to charge a former Saginaw Police Officer with a felony and two misdemeanors.

He's being accused of assaulting a woman two different times."

"Mr. Collier was the responding officer at an incident in Saginaw where the suspect was allegedly assaulting someone," Nessel said.

She says former City of Saginaw Police Officer Adam Collier responded to that scene and took the woman into custody.

The first alleged assault occurred when collier forcefully pushed the woman into the backseat of his patrol car.

As she resisted, he struck the woman on the face with a closed fist while she was handcuffed.

"Mr. Collier physically assaulted the detainee not once but twice,” Nessel said.

A second assault allegedly happened in the sally port of the Saginaw County Jail when the detainee spit on the officer.

"He moved closer to her. He struck her with a closed fist three times causing her to fall to the ground, hit her head and lose consciousness,” Nessel said. “Again, she was handcuffed during this time period.'

Criminal charges have been filed by the Saginaw County Prosecutor against the detainee for her conduct during this incident.

Collier is facing some very serious charges with his role in the alleged incident.

"One count of misconduct, which is a five-year felony and two counts of assault and battery each which is a 93-day misdemeanor,” Nessel said. “It should be noted that Mr. Collier what is suspended for his actions by Robert Ruth on the July 14 and then terminated by the department on July 17.”

Nessel says video evidence will not be made available to the public until during or after the trial.

The terms of his bond state he cannot have contact with the victim and he cannot be in possession of any weapons.

"We have determined Mr. Collier did utilize excessive force," Nessel said during a press conference on Sept. 15.

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