Carter Kits

An emergency scene can be hard for anyone, especially children with autism.

That’s why a 5-year-old from Frankenmuth inspired the creation of Carter Kits.

The special autism sensory bags are filled with items to keep children with autism calmer and more relaxed during times of emergencies.

“To be able to name it after him, it’s nice,” said Justin Severs, Carter’s dad.

Carter Severs, 5, has autism spectrum disorder.

First responders say for children like Carter, fires, car accidents, or other intense scenes can be hard to deal with. That’s where Carter Kits come in.

“We can pull these kits out. If it will calm the kid down or whatever we need to use them. It’s going to help a lot,” Severs said.

The Carter Kits have fidget devices, sunglasses, sensory toys, noise-canceling earmuffs, and a weighted blanket. Those items are routinely used to reduce anxiety and help children relax and remain calm.

“It’s certainly something the communities need,” said Andrew Keller, realtor and creator of Carter Kits.

Right now, five departments – Saginaw Fire, Saginaw Township Police, Frankenmuth Police, Birch Run Police, and MMR – have Carter Kits.

Keller said he is hoping to have Carter Kits in 50 departments a year from now.

“We want this thing to continue to grow, where there are departments all around this area, maybe even the state, maybe even the nation, where they can have these tools,” Keller said.

Keller, who has known the Severs for years, contributed his time, effort, and money to make Carter Kits a reality. That’s something Carter’s mom Kelley appreciates.

“For him to be able to put his money towards something so extraordinary like that, it’s just amazing,” Kelley Severs said.

The founders of Carter Kits are currently looking into more ways to collect donations and are planning to expand into more departments.

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