GENERIC: Frankenmuth Farmer's Market

After a long winter and unseasonably cool spring, many are getting the summer mindset at Frankenmuth Farmers Market's opening day.

“I think it brings the community together, we have a lot of wonderful employees, so everybody works on the farm together,” said Megan Macintosh with Carigan Family Farm

Hand-made and home-grown, the Frankenmuth Farmers Market kicked off its opening with everything from meat to produce and crafts.

“We’re excited, we have a full pavilion, it’s the first time we’ve ever had a full pavilion on opening day, so there’s a huge interest from all the vendors. We have a bunch of different vendors,” said Dietrich Bronner, the president of Frankenmuth Farmers Market.

Bronner said it’s their 15th year celebrating local vendors.

“It really connects the consumers to their food supply, to the farmers, to the butchers, to the people that raise their crops, and you can talk to the farmers and get to know how the produce was grown, how to use it, how to prepare it,” Bronner said.

Alysha Miller agrees. She co-owns Miller Family Farms with her husband in Chesaning.

She said it’s her first day at the Farmers Market, but it’s important for people to get educated.

“I have a pet-peeve about kids saying, ‘oh, my milk comes from the store.’ No, your milk comes from a farm and go to somebody's farm in Saginaw County and see the farm,” Miller said.

Miller said buying local allows you to connect with the community, that’s why she said she enjoys farmers markets.

“It gives you some one on one with the people who are eating your stuff and I think their great, I love them,” Miller said.

The Frankenmuth Farmers Market is open Saturdays through Oct. 19 and Wednesday evenings beginning June 19.

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