Friday marks 60 years since deadly crash at MBS

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Friday marked 60 years since a plane crashed just short of the runway at MBS, killing 47 people.

It is the third deadliest plane crash in Michigan’s history.

The plane was on its final approach when it suffered a malfunction and dove into the ground.

“It’s really one of those really tragic moments cemented in Saginaw’s history,” said Tom Trombley, chief historian at the Castle Museum.

Trombley said April 6, 1958 will always be remembered as a tragic day in the history of Mid-Michigan. Capital airline flight 67 crashed just short of the runway at what is now MBS airport.

Investigators blame ice buildup on the wings for the deadly crash.

“So many of them were very young. I mean, any loss of life is always traffic,” Trombley said.

Thanks to the work of residents in Mid-Michigan, the names of those victims will never be forgotten. They are displayed on a memorial at Roselawn Memorial Gardens in Saginaw Township.

“It’s just those memories of individuals lives that we always want to memorialize,” Trombley said.

Trombley said the thing that affects him most about the accident is the documented twists of fate that brought some people on the plane, while others who were supposed to be on board unknowingly avoided certain death.

“That’s just so sad to think of how our best laid plans really can come out to be something totally different,” he said.

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