Friend creates GoFundMe for new van for driver in deadly rock-throw incident

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On Wednesday, TV5 introduced you to Steve Amthor - the man driving Kenneth White home last week when a rock crashed through his windshield killing White.

"He was my work partner. He's someone I would talk to every day. Even days where we didn't work I still talked to him. I'm gonna miss him," Amthor said.

It's the little things that serve as reminders, but the big stuff even more. Like the van Amthor was driving that night.

That's why one of his close friends is trying to help soften the memory with a new van.

"I'm trying to get the word out there that you know, there's somebody that's still hurting," said Krystal Loudan, Amthor's friend.

Amthor was behind the wheel when a rock, thrown from the Dodge Road overpass, broke through his windshield and killed his friend White. They were driving home from work on I-75.

Loudan said Amthor's van is just a gruesome reminder of the horrific events that played out last week.

"He can't even think about getting back into that vehicle and I'm just trying to lessen the burden of what he's going through right now," Loudan said.

Loudan has launched a GoFundMe page in an effort to get Amthor another set of wheels.

"We're not necessarily looking for a brand new vehicle. We just want to get him something that's going to be reliable and get him back to work. And get him back on a track to a normal life," Loudan said.

While Loudan said Amthor is going through a lot right now, she thinks a little support from the community could do a lot for the long healing process ahead.

"It would mean a lot to me you know. I think that the community comes together for their own and that's how it should be. And I just want to help him pick up the pieces," Loudan said.

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