One man is dead after a crash involving a motorcycle and pickup truck in Saginaw.

The Saginaw Police Department said the crash happened at 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 18 at the intersection of North Washington Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Both drivers were taken to a local hospital where the motorcyclist died from his injuries.

Police identified him as Douglas Paul Daenzer, a 53-year-old man from Reese.

The pickup truck driver was treated for minor injuries.

"Doug was a lovable guy. To know Doug was to love him," said Jason Herbert. 

Herbert hopes his death is a reminder to the community to pay attention to the roads.

"As a motorcycle rider myself, people just need to watch," Herbert said. "It's that time of the year that bikes are out and they're going to be around us. You have to make sure we're constantly looking."

The Saginaw Police Department continues to investigate the crash and haven't released many details on what caused the collision.

Daenzer, a loving husband and father of two, was a beloved member of the Reese community as well as the motorcycle community across Mid-Michigan.

"It was the best of the best," said Amy Beyerlein, Daenzer's friend and owner of Grand Central Sports Bar. "You didn't get much better than Doug."

Beyerlein said the 52-year-old's death was cut way too short.

She adds it's surprising too since he always used caution on his bike.

"Doug was probably the safest, most experienced driver I've ever known," Beyerlein said. "Everything was about safety."

Police are not saying if anyone was at fault in this crash.

But Herbert is glad at least his friend was doing what he loved before he passed.

"Motorcycles were his thing, what he enjoyed doing," Herbert said.

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