Fundraiser held for Patty Flemings employees after devastating fire

A Mid-Michigan community is coming together to help workers at a local pub displaced by a fire.

On Oct. 26, Patty Flemings Irish Pub in Saginaw was ravaged by a fire and it was forced to close down, leaving over 30 employees without a job.

But customers came out in droves for a special fundraiser to help the pub get back up and running.

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“It was a lot of tears, a lot of people had been there for 17, 18 years, so a lot of people were sad about it,” said Rick Hinson, a Patty Flemings employee.

From that sadness, a glimmer of hope for the staff at Patty Flemings.

Hinson, who is a cook at the pub, knew something needed to be done.

He and other staff thought of a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

They put out the call and the community showed up.

“It’s been fantastic, the community outreach has been unbelievable," Hinson said. "We’ve had so many donations, the Saginaw Township Police Department have donated to us."

The owners at The Sawmill Pub and Grill said like many others in the community, they wanted to do their part and help out.

So they donated the restaurant for Saturday’s dinner fundraiser and were shocked by the turnout.

“When I pulled into our parking lot, which is expansive, it’s like whoa where are these people coming from,” said Jim Nightingale with The Sawmill Pub and Grill.

Hinson said other restaurants in the area have even offered employees temporary work while repairs are being made at Patty Flemings.

“Hired some of our cooks, some of our waitresses, it’s been unbelievable,” Hinson said. “I mean the people around it’s just hard to believe the support we’ve gotten.”

The cause of the fire at Patty Flemings is unknown and thankfully no one was injured.

Staff said they hope to be back open by early 2020.

“As we call ourselves family, we’re gonna all get through it,” Hinson said.

If you weren't able to make it to the spaghetti dinner but would still like to support Patty Flemings Pub, head to their GoFundMe page.

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