Fundraiser for Richards family after house fire

A local family tries to rebuild after a fire destroyed their home.

The family said it’s not the material loss that hurts the most but losing their dog and two cats is heartbreaking.

A fundraiser was held in support of the Richards family.

“This is just heartbreaking,” said Jaclyn Richards.

Jaclyn is at a loss for words after losing almost everything in a house fire last month.

Without homeowners insurance, hundreds showed up at a benefit for the Richards family filling White’s Bar in Saginaw to the brim.

“These are regular people that don’t even know me that just gave something of their own to help me and my family and I just can’t even explain what it means to me it just fills my heart up,” Richards said.

Those who came to help had chances to donate or win prizes from raffles.

Food was served with special guest bands to make a fun day full of community support.

“We always try to and build a community here at White’s bar and helping out our patrons and their families so I love seeing the community come together to help out their family,” said Allysha Guldenzoph, a manager at White’s Bar.

Jaclyn said her husband and their 4-year-old have been staying with family since the fire but thanks to donations already pouring in their luck is turning around.

“We’ve been doing pretty good, we did find a house, we get the keys tomorrow so it’s a cute three bedroom for us and it’s perfect for us,” Jaclyn said.

The Richards are getting ready for their fresh start but are still finding things that they’ll need for the new house.

Jaclyn has no doubts that after today those worries will be gone.

“It’s been a tragedy but it’s you know been a blessing in disguise as well,” Richards said.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Richards family can visit their GoFundMe page.

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