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This will be the first year the entire district will implement a balanced calendar school year.

A school district in Genesee County is moving to a balanced calendar school year.

“Instead of our students starting in September and having 90 days in school - except for those intermittent breaks around Christmas and Thanksgiving - students will be in school for 30 to 35 days, have a one-week intercession then again 30 to 35 days then intercession, and so on and so forth throughout the year,” Flint Community Schools Superintendent Derrick Lopez said.

This will be the first year the entire district will implement a balanced calendar school year.

Lopez said this is to help prevent the so-called student brain drain.

“Instead of students actually getting to the end of the semester and failing, we will actually be able to see by unit to see if the student has not mastered the concept. I will invite that student to intercession for mediation. Therefore, remediate it before they go onto the next unit,” Lopez said.

School starts Aug. 7 and classes will end June 18. Students will get six breaks of four to 10 days.

Lopez said the students wills till get a summer break, but it will only be six weeks longs.

Along with the new balanced calendar, the school district is opening Flint Junior High School which will condense all of the middle schools into one central location.

“Educate them coherently. All of our kiddos will actually be intentionally sort of scaffolded and ready for high school as opposed to there being four different ways to deliver education to our seventh and eighth graders,” Lopez said.

Lopez believes the new calendar and middle school will drive Flint students to succeed.

“Without a school education, our kids are not going to be able to be productive in this economy. This is a thinking and reasoning economy. This is no longer an industrial economy,” Lopez said.

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