Items discarded along Saginaw road

Saginaw families were furious after heaps of tires and rotting mattresses lined the roads of their neighborhood.

As TV5 previously reported, the area on the city's east side looked like a junkyard with more and more trash piling up. Since that report aired on Monday, Dec. 16, the neighborhood has been cleaned up.

“I feel great,” said Delores Drain. “I’m so excited!”

Drain is thrilled to know the mess on Elmwood Avenue is gone. She was upset to see mattresses, chairs, tires and piles of trash strewn about.

Drain posted a video to Facebook with the hopes of bringing change to the area. Now, the block looks a lot different after crews with the city of Saginaw removed 15 tons of rubbish.

“I’m just so glad that the city heard our concerns and they acted on it right away,” Drain said.

City officials said they are glad they could do their part to clean this area up.

“I’ve been dealing with this for a few years,” said Darrin Jerome, chief inspector for the city of Saginaw.

Jerome said dumping is becoming a bigger problem because of so many vacant lots in the city. He said there are at least five or six areas he considers to be dumping hot spots. Those places are three to four blocks long with little to any homes.

“The people have found out that if there’s not somebody around to watch, that’s a good place to dump. And they can just rid themselves without having to pay a fee and do the right thing and the moral thing and go pay and get rid of where it’s supposed to be,” Jerome said.

Jerome said the city is working hard to figure out how to solve the dumping dilemma.

“Hopefully in the next couple of weeks to a month we’ll be coming up with some answers that will help this,” Jerome said.

Drain said she wants people to think twice before they leave their mess behind.

“Take it to the dump and put it where it’s supposed to be, not just throw it in the street or on the curb around where somebody is living. People live in that area and nobody wants to live like that,” Drain said.

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