Image: Cedar River

The Gladwin Conservation District has recently been awarded a grant from the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) to relocate obstructions along a 10 mile stretch of the Cedar River from the City of Gladwin to the City of Beaverton.

The obstructions currently prevent recreation from occurring along the stretch of the river.

The grant is a total of $10,000.

Other components of the project include reforestation efforts along the river stretch that will utilize volunteers and students from Beaverton and Gladwin schools, educational workshops to inform landowners of wise forest management techniques and conservation options, ways to reduce streambank erosion on their property, invasive species and eradication methods, and future river cleanups to be held to keep the river in good condition for years to come.

“The Cedar River is a high priority for our WIN program,” said Michael Kelly, with the Conservation Fund. “Gladwin Conservation District’s efforts continue to support our past investments in restoration and access along the Cedar, which is one of the Saginaw Bay Watershed’s most important tributary rivers for both recreation and ecosystem conservation.”

Gladwin Conservation District is partnering with Little Forks Conservancy in coordinating various phases of the project, including planning, volunteer organization, and educational workshops for the community.

“We are excited to see momentum being made along his stretch of the Cedar River which builds upon so many great projects in this community. We look forward to partnering with the Gladwin Conservation District,” said Elan Lipschitz, director of Land Conservation for the Little Forks Conservancy.

The Cedar River is an important natural and recreational resource in the area, including one of the only stretches of Blue-Ribbon Trout Stream in the Saginaw Bay Watershed. This watershed is the largest in the state of Michigan, spanning 5.5 million acres and 22 counties. It runs throughout Gladwin County and is a vital part of not only the recreational lives of the county residents but also an integral element of the county’s ecosystem.

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