General Motors says it will spend $150 million so it can make more heavy-duty pickup trucks at its Flint, Michigan, assembly plant.

The money will improve the factory's conveyor system and for other equipment to boost output.

"Can allow for facility upgrades, conveyors, tools, etc.," said Mike Perez, plant manager.

Perez said the money will help increase production on their heavy-duty trucks and that includes the heavy-duty GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado, which are all-new for the 2019 model year.

"The workers are going to have a lot more pride in building these trucks. And were that much more well-positioned in the market. The beauty as to what we do here inside of this facility expands the greater Flint community," Perez said.

The president of GM, Mark Ruess, said they intend to take an even bigger bite out of the competition by improving the facility.

"We are increasing production because we have the best lineup in the world built by the best workforce in the world. Their customers can't get enough of them," Ruess said.

The renovations should be completed by the first half of 2020, according to Ruess.

Mayor Karen Weaver said this can only push the Flint area ahead.

"This is huge and it says your committed to Flint. I don't let people know that we are coming back. We're coming back strong," Weaver said.

No new jobs are tied to the Wednesday announcement, but GM announced earlier this year that it would add 1,000 workers at the plant. The factory now runs three shifts per day and employs about 5,000.

Sales of the Sierra were down 2.2 percent through March and the Silverado fellpoho nearly 16 percent as factories switch to the new models. GM expects increased sales and plans to increase factory capacity by 60,000 trucks per year.

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