A grandmother outraged by a display at a local high school insisting it’s not about Freedom of Speech, it’s an issue of bullying and racism.

She said her grandson is often the target of hateful slurs and attacks from his fellow students, something she says needs to stop.

“That flag does not stand for the Confederacy, it stands for racism and those kids know that and the parents know that,” said Lahoma Buckley.

Buckley is upset by the display at the Bay City Western High School.

It’s not just the trucks and the Confederate flags showcased for all to see that struck a nerve.

But an incident that she says happened in the school’s cafeteria, and the victim was her teenage grandson who wants to remain anonymous.

“My grandson is sitting in the front with me. He’s a black child,” Buckely said. “He told me that, 'ya this kid stuck the Confederate flag under my nose today and said someone gave me five bucks to show you this.' And just before that another student says to him 'do slaves have feelings?' And then uses his name. '[The grandson] doesn’t have feelings.'”

Buckley says that's just one of many personal attacks her grandson has endured over the last few years at the school.

Another involvied his teammates on the football team.

“They were calling him the N-word,” Buckley said. “Everyday he goes to school with his stomach in knots not knowing if he’s gonna be confronted with someone trying to push his buttons again today.”

Regardless, Buckley said her grandson loves his school and that some teachers have really helped him.

“My heart is breaking, my heart is breaking for him and for all that goes through in a daily basis,” Buckely said.

She has a message for their parents.

“If your child put a flag in his pocket, on his belt buckle, on his truck or whatever today, to show strength or force or whatever, you need to take another look at what you’ve allowed him to do or her because you’ve humiliated my grandson,” Buckely said.

The school released a statement on Tuesday regarding the trucks parked across the street saying that they’ve ensured that this does not disrupt the educational process.

Buckley called TV5 on Wednesday and said the kid who showed her grandson the Confederate flag has apologized.

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