IMAGE: Justin Burk

"I just loved on him, he knew what nice people were,” Sonny Burk said about his grandson. “I always told him, ‘People are good to you, you take care of them.’"

And that's exactly what Sonny said his grandson Justin Burk did, took care of people.

Justin was studying to at Delta College to be a Registered Nurse, but in March he died by suicide.

Sonny said it took his family by surprise, because Justin was such a happy, outgoing 25 year old.

"He kept it from us,” Sonny said. “He didn't want us to worry about what was going on with him."

Sonny said he and his wife raised Justin since the third grade, around the time he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

He said this made things challenging for Justin while attending Freeland Schools, especially playing sports, which he loved.

Now Sonny said they are not only dealing with grief, but also a financial burden since losing Justin.

Friend of the family Lisa Trombley is trying to help ease that burden.

"I just want to help them out because this is what Justin would want," Lisa said.

She said Sonny and his wife still have payments owed to the funeral home, in addition to Justin’s outstanding debts. To make matters worse Mrs. Burk is sick and her hospital bills are piling up.

"I know he would want somebody to step up and help his grandparents,” Lisa said. “Help them get out of this debt, this huge debt they're in."

Sonny said he's grateful for Lisa and all of Justin’s friends who stepped up in their time of need. He said memories and support will get them through this.

"Yea memories, plus I gained some new friends."

To donate, go to their GoFundMe page.

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