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As hospitals across the national are dealing with a massive shortage in medical supplies, some are doing what they can to help healthcare workers. 

"There are no masks available and even when they get some, there's going to really be a shortage," said Cathy Matijega, a volunteer making medical masks. 

Matijega and a group of woman normally get together in Pinconning to sew, knot or any type of craft as a social gathering, but these days she said it's more than that. 

"We're from all over as far as Oscoda and Clare and we've had to stop our meetings, and I was made aware that, by my husband who's on the fire department that there are no masks available," said Matijega.

Cathy said she found the pattern for approved masks available on the CDC website and she and some group members have already begun to make them, but they are running into the issue of availability of elastic.

"We need elastic, we need fourteen inches for each mask," said Matijega.

She said she's reached out to retailers, but with the current state of the coronavirus, she's unsure when she will be able to receive elastic.

She said the masks are needed now so this is a call for help.

"Our problem is not that we don't have enough fabric, we're all fine with donating all of that," said Matijega. "The problem is we can't get the elastic to put in them."

She said if it comes down to it, the group will make masks that tie. She said she's willing to do anything to help. 

"It is important, you know, everyone has children or people that they love, and if we can do this and get them to the medical people who can make the best use of them, that's what we want to do," said Matijega. 

UPDATE: Matijega told us that they need 1/4 and 1/8 inch elastic only. You can mail elastic to:

Mt Forest Twp Fire Department

1643 W Cody Estey Rd.

Pinconning, MI  48650-8953.  

If you have questions about donations, email

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