Several guns were taken from a home while police investigate a potential school threat.

Caro Police Chief Brian Newcombe said a parent contacted Caro Middle School officials on March 5 after her child told her about an eighth-grade student who was allegedly threatening to bring a gun to school and shoot others.

In a letter to parents, Interim Superintendent Bob Smith wrote several other students heard the threats as well and were concerned.

"The students overheard the threats and they were fearful," Newcombe said. "In fact, he did make statements that he was going to bring a gun to school to kill students."

Smith said they checked the student’s home and there was no threat to anyone on the school's campus.

Chief Newcombe did say at least six long guns were taken from the boy’s home. The guns are believed to belong to the boy's parents.

Newcombe said the guns were properly stored, but it is unclear if the student had access to them.

Tuscola County prosecutors are charging the student with a threat of terrorism.

Caro Middle School Principal Joanne Nordstrom said the boy has been suspended while law enforcement investigates further.

"We encourage students if there's a concern that they have they should be notifying us immediately. So, that we can take the appropriate steps to make sure that they feel safe," Nordstrom said.

In the letter to parents, Smith said the student will not be allowed on school property and will face “appropriate and significant discipline."

Below is the full letter sent to parents:Young people are cherished treasures in our school district and we will always take immediate and decisive action to protect their safety at the slightest hint of trouble. An equally important part of that responsibility is to communicate openly and honestly with our parents who have also invested wonderful years of unconditional love and protection for their children.

Accordingly, this email is a brief report of some school safety issues that were addressed Monday evening. Everyone on campus is absolutely safe, and I am so proud of the students that shared their concerns, and of the administrative team that worked together quickly to investigate and erase any potential threat. Here is all the information that I can share without violating privacy law:

Early last evening, March 5, Matt Branding, the high school assistant principal, received a text from a mother who was concerned because her daughter shared her fear that an eighth-grade student was threatening to bring a gun to school to shoot others. Further investigation proved that several students had heard the threats and were genuinely concerned.

Accordingly, Mr. Branding contacted the police, who then interviewed concerned students, and, next, the suspect. The Caro Police Department did a fantastic job and finally completed their work after midnight. They checked the student's home for weapons and there is no threat to anyone on our campus.

The student making the threats will not be allowed on school property and will face appropriate and significant discipline.As for Newcomb, he said the cooperation between the school, the parents and law enforcement led to a quick resolution.

"Every case we get that there is allegations of gun violence, we act on it immediately and take it seriously," Newcomb said.

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