The Hamady Complete Food Center in Flint was supposed to provide relief for a community starving for more food options, but after just six months the doors are closed for good.

The owner, Jim McColgan, said the store just didn't get enough shoppers to stay open.

"We did everything right," McColgan said. "Look at the store. It's big, safe, well stocked store, competitively priced. We gave the community everything plus more that they asked for."

Willie Bacon was completely shocked when she went to the store on Wednesday and saw the closed signs on the doors.

"I had no idea. I don't go to the store that often," Bacon said.

City Councilman Maurice Davis said that could be part of the problem. He thinks the store didn't generate enough business because the prices were just too high.

"I don't see a lot of stores over there and the ones that are there are priced according to the neighborhood. Like Mr. B's. If you don't have a car, that's close and convenient. Dollar store and the corner stores. People learn to adjust. But when it comes to a major grocery store, when you come into an impoverished side of town you have to be competitive with the income there," Davis said.

McColgan said when they first opened the grocery store they had more than 100 employees. Now they are all out of a job.

"It all boils down to three words - location, support, support," McColgan said.

McColgan said he is not sure what caused the early demise, but he believes the store was competitively prices.

"For whatever reason, this so called food desert that needed stores, we put it up and the people didn't shop," McColgan said.

Inventory in the store will be sold off and liquidated.

The store's last day was Nov. 6.

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