IMAGE: Vampire Facial

Health officials say clients who received a so-called "Vampire Facial" at a New Mexico spa should get tested for diseases.

Officials have shut down the Albuquerque business called VIP Spa.

The State Regulation and Licensing Department said they had been keeping an eye on owner Maria Ruiz annually between 2011 and 2013 until she failed to renew her business license.

"We use it as a monitoring mechanism, not only for licensing purposes, but also then that activates our inspection program,โ€ Supt. Robert Mike Uthank said.

During that time the cosmetologist was doing things like hair and makeup, but then expanded to more serious procedures.

"You change the scope when you get into the deeper layers of the skin and then you begin to actually activate other requirements because of the potential of blood pathogens and other things,โ€ Uthank said.

The procedure is called the Vampire Facial.

It uses the client's own blood and then it's re-inserted with micro-needling to give a person a youthful look.

Doctor Dean Bair is licensed to perform blood facials and said it needs to be performed by a medical professional.

"Any sort of cross-contamination with someone else's blood presents the risk of things like hepatitis, HIV,โ€ Bair said.

Ruiz graduated from Las Cruces Beauty College with her cosmetology degree and was not certified to do the facial. State health officials said it's why the department immediately shut the business down earlier this week.

Ruiz still has her cosmetology license, so she could work someplace else, but officials said future employers across the state can see her history if they check her record.

Ruiz said she's cooperating with health officials, and she only used disposable needles for the procedures.

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