IMAGE: Paige Baird

A little girl who nearly lost her life is now back home and getting back to a sense of normal.

8-year-old Paige Baird spent weeks in a Grand Rapids hospital recovering after she broke her neck.

Just last week, the Hemlock football team and community went all out to honor Paige and her family, doing "Push-ups for Paige" to cheer the little girl on.

"That was the hardest thing to do was to watch them fly over me on US-131 on their way to Grand Rapids. And I didn't know what I was going to get to once I got to the hospital," Jason Baird said about the day he almost lost his daughter.

On July 18, Paige fell off a deck and broke her neck. She was paralyzed. Paige wasn't breathing. Ultimately her life was saved.

Now Paige is fighting to walk again one step at a time. On Thursday she came home after spending almost two months in the hospital.

"Very emotional day yesterday," Paige’s dad Jason said.

Paige tells us she will be back here at school on Monday.

"I keep missing my friends when I was at the hospital,” Paige said. “So I’ll be able to see them. And what makes me scared is like tripping, falling, people staring at me."

The motto here in Hemlock is “No Husky stands alone.” The sports teams have also adopted the mantra Pushups for Paige. A gesture that has helped Paige deal with the hard times. 

"It's been motivating me to get through tough days in therapy,” she said. “So, whenever i have a rough day in therapy I ask my mom to pull it up her and show me a pushup video and that usually works."

Paige understands how close she came to death that fateful July day. She tells us she appreciates everyday a lot more now.

"[I’m] excited that I am still here. And I’ll be able to play with my dog, and my sister, and my friends again," Paige said.

Doctors said it could be two years before Paige is fully healed. Right now, it is unclear how much the little girl will recover. But one thing is clear, Hemlock is behind her no matter what.

And for that, Jason is grateful. "It's just amazing when you don't ask for help but you get it. It's pretty cool."

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