Heritage High School was closed Tuesday due to a power outage, according to school officials.

District leaders said the building's main line was severely damaged.

"Surprised because we were so excited to welcome the students and staff back," Interim Superintendent Carolyn Wierda said.

She said class had to be called off because the lights wouldn't turn on.

"There was some type of a power outage outside the building and Consumers was called. They did what they needed to do, but whatever happened outside the building caused the wires inside to have a problem," Wierda said.

She said at least one of the main wires that supplies power to the building sustained significant damage.

"I saw that we have a problem and it needs to be fixed," Wierda said.

Parents and students were equally surprised their summer vacation was extended a day.

"I really wanted my daughter, who is a freshman, to go to school and have her first day," one parent said.

David Trumble and his daughter Liz stopped by the school on Tuesday. Liz is on the swim team. The team moved practice to Saginaw Valley State University.

Trumble believes the school made the right decision to cancel class.

"It's going to be so hot today. It isn't bad for the girls actually to be home in air conditioning," he said.

Liz said it was strange being inside the dark building.

"Kind of weird. You need a flashlight," she said.

Meanwhile, Wierda said crews are working to restore power.

"We're hoping that things will be repaired and we'll be able to open school tomorrow. But we'll have to wait until we're sure things are right. And we'll be sending out an announcement later this evening," Wierda said.

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