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A local high school student is now certified as a firefighter after  following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather.

McKenna Love, 17, is a senior at Carrollton High School. She said she knew she wanted to be a firefighter at the age of 7.

“No matter how many times I felt like I couldn’t do it, or I wasn’t good enough, I was able to graduate and I’m very excited to see how far I can get,” Love said.

Firefighting is in her blood. Her grandfather, who is deceased, was a firefighter for Carrollton Township. Her dad is currently a firefighter in Buena Vista and Carrollton Township. To follow in their footsteps, she joined the Explorer Program in Buena Vista.

“When I got my certificate in, he was like doesn’t it feel good to have the same certifications as me and poppa? I was like, I just wish he could be here to walk down this road with me and see how far I’ve come,” Love said.

Love will soon join her father, Matthew Dennings, at the Buena Vista Fire Department.

Dennings said he’s happy to brag about her achievements.

“I’m super proud of McKenna. She’s 17 and hasn’t even graduated high school yet and she’s graduated the fire academy with fire one and two and had med ops,” Dennings said.

Love continues in her explorer program until she becomes a paid-on-call firefighter when she turns 18. For her, September can’t come soon enough.

“I’m really excited to see where my journey is going to take me,” Love said.

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