Personal finance program at Swan Valley

A Mid-Michigan school is helping ensure students grow into educated consumers.

Along with formulas and equations, students are learning about budgeting and how to save for their future.

Budgeting money is probably the last thing on most high schoolers’ minds, but students at Swan Valley High School are taking a class dedicated to learning the real-life skill.

“It’s really important. Like I said, we’re going out into the new world we’ve got to learn these things before. You can’t learn as you go. You’ve gotta learn before you go,” said Kelsie Ellerman, senior.

She is enrolled in Dave Dawson’s foundations in finance class. He has been teaching it for seven years.

“We really focus a lot on budgeting. Like what we’re doing right now, cash flow and understanding income and expenses and how those relate. And debt, we spend a lot of time on,” Dawson said.

Thanks to the Jackson Charitable Foundation, this year’s students get life lessons from one of finances brightest minds – Dave Ramsey. It is at the tip of their fingers with the Ramsey Educational Digital Program.

“I’m learning a lot of new things, especially with the Dave Ramsey budget. So I think it’s really helpful and the program is really easy to use. It lights up green when you’ve got everything done,” Ellerman said.

With the help of Dawson and some iPads, seniors can get ready for their freshman year of college.

As for Ellerman, she was just accepted to Saginaw Valley State University.

Dawson said while hearing his students get into college is music to his ears, seeing them prepared for it is even better.

“It’s exciting. They will unsolicited talk to me about the class and how it’s helped them or what they’ve learned from it and how they’ve benefited,” Dawson said.

Birch Run and Bay City Central high schools offer the personal finance program as well.

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